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About the Geocoin Catalog

This is a prototype of a complete catalog of coins. Please be patient with us, as we build out this catalog.

Random Lunacy Productions



I have been working a lot recently on getting an HTML version of the editing experience up and running. It is getting very close to parity with the Silverlight version.


Announcing: Beta of collection editing! Yes, that's right, I'm ready to have 2-3 people start contributing, and give me feedback on the editing experience. I'll open it up more broadly once we get past the initial round of growing pains. To participate: Send me an email at mekle@insanity-inc.org and I'll share the more nitty-gritty portion of how all of this works, and get you set up.


I've been working on fine tuning the editing experience for adding new coins and Editions, but for now I think I'm done with that, as I wait for feedback.

 I'm starting to play around more with collection tracking that is bound to the catalog, since I've had a rudimentary version of that all along for myself. Over the last several days, I've been reviewing what I have and looking at refactors with possible public use in mind, and started to think through what a seeking list might look like, etc.


Yup. Another long period between updates. There have only been minor changes to this 'view' portion of the website but there has been a lot going on with the edit portion. I think I tried 3 different approaches to it before I found something that was going to meet my goals for ease of modification and rapid development, to keep my regular investment of time down low enough to fit in the time I have available around my day job.


It's been a while since this was updated, but I'm still here and still working on it! I've been working on getting the read/write portion working, and have made some progress, but it's still not ready for public use, unfortunately. If you have data you would like to see added, please send me mail through my geocaching.com profile, and I'll get it added (and use it as test data for editing!).


At this point, most of what I consider critical read-only functionality is now in place. I'm likely to take a break for a little while and begin work on the submission pages for the community to help fill in the data in a few days.  When that is functional, I'll work on doing a bulk-import of top-level coin definitions using the complete geocoin list data from Groundspeak.