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Coins by Avroair:
 Name# EditionsShortcutMintName
10 Years of Geocaching Multi-Event Coin39Oak Coins
10-10-10 Powers of Ten43Oak Coins
11-11-11 Multi Event51Oak Coins
12-12-12 Multi-Event2Oak Coins
4 Musketeers5Oak Coins
Abacus Cache Counter2Oak Coins
Alchemist's Magnus Opus3Oak Coins
Anubis [GC&PC May 2013]1RL-OKWGATOak Coins
Astronomical Clocks14Oak Coins
Atlantis - Lost Continent4Oak Coins
Avroair Aviator11Oak Coins
Cache of the Titans - Medusa3Oak Coins
Cache Wars Event11Oak Coins
Celtic Charms [GC&P Mar 2011]3Oak Coins
Celtic Circle of Life21Oak Coins
Celtic Knot [GC&PC Mar 2012]3Oak Coins
Celtic Peacock1RL-OKC8KYOak Coins
Checkmate [GC&PC Aug 2011]2Oak Coins
Cosmic Compass3Oak Coins
Cougar Mountain Macaw6Oak Coins
Crop Circles [GC&PC Apr 2011]1RL-OK7ZIGOak Coins
Diving Mask [GC&PC Jun 2011]1RL-OK5K2COak Coins
Egyptian5Oak Coins
Egyptian Ankh [GC&PC May 2011]2Oak Coins
Guilded Celtic Peacock2Oak Coins
Idylwood Pirates1RL-OK5TU6Oak Coins
Issaquah Valley Trolley1Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Klingon Cloaking Device3Oak Coins
Leap into Caching 2012 [GC&PC Feb 2012]3Oak Coins
Mardi Gras [GC&CP Feb 2015]1Oak Coins
Mardi Gras Masquerade16Oak Coins
Mardi Gras Masquerade [GC&PC Feb 2011]1RL-OK656COak Coins
Migration Geocoin [GC&PC Sept 2011]3Oak Coins
Pandamonium2Oak Coins
Pi Multi Event1RL-OKJ14UOak Coins
Robin Hood Arrows (Sherwood Event)3Hogwild Stuff
The 13th Spider4Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Tiki Luau2Oak Coins
Tiki Time [GC&PC Jul 2011]1RL-OKN2SAOak Coins
Venetian Mask [GC&PC Feb 2013]10Oak Coins
XXX Rootbeer GW81RL-OK4E4ZOak Coins