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Coins by Ernie:
 Name# EditionsShortcutMintName
10 Years of Geocaching Macro (Logo)1RL-ERZM9RErnie's Geocoins
10 Years of Geocaching Macro (QR Code)4Ernie's Geocoins
Complete Nonsense4Ernie's Geocoins
Europe Micro5Ernie's Geocoins
Flash4Ernie's Geocoins
Flower of Life5Ernie's Geocoins
Kaleidoscope6Ernie's Geocoins
Knot in Love5Ernie's Geocoins
Millennium Ring8Ernie's Geocoins
Plain Drop8Ernie's Geocoins
Plain Geocoin7Ernie's Geocoins
Rainbow6Ernie's Geocoins
TN/LN6Ernie's Geocoins