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Coins by JackalGirl:
 Name# EditionsShortcutMintName
09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multi-Event29Oak Coins
10 Good Deeds of Geocaching4Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
4x4 Caching Adventure - Mountain Mardi Gras2Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Butterfly 201011Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Cache Type - Traditional2Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Chinese Lantern4Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Damselfly 20106Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Difficult Climbing1RL-PDH26NPolarDesign.SE
Egyptian Dragonfly4Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Egyptian Key7Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Egyptian Pharoahs [GCC July 2012]1RL-DM4XR6DirectMint
Forest Kami4DirectMint
GCC 6th Anniversary [GCC Aug 2011]1RL-DMT1GMDirectMint
Geochat - the Stampede2Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Letterboxing Stamp [GCC JUL 2011]1RL-DMIJ3HDirectMint
Lost & Found Tag1RL-CAFKGLCache Advance (Cache Addict)
Lotus Compass8DirectMint
Mini -Doubloon 201013Artist
Mini-Doubloon 201110Artist
Moebius Geocoin2DirectMint
Netsuke - Maple Leaf4Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Netsuke - Water Lily4Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Ocean Kami3DirectMint
The Cache Tick [GCC Apr 2010]1RL-DMA178DirectMint
The Treasured Day [GCC Sept 2011]1RL-DMWE75DirectMint
Triple Snowflake [GCC Dec 2011]1RL-DM8TSMDirectMint
Winter Coinfusion [GCC Feb 2012]1RL-DMXYJODirectMint
Year of the Dragon6Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Year of the Ox3Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Year of the Rabbit4Cache Advance (Cache Addict)
Year of the Tiger5Cache Advance (Cache Addict)