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NameTempting the Fates
GC Series815
Activation Codeshttp://www.geocoinclub.com/code.php
Artist Name
Total Coins???
Added7/24/2010 8:02:24 AM
DescriptionEver have a Geocoin give you nightmares? Well - that's about to change! This coin really captures the trepidation we all feel when you send a coin out into the world. Trusting its fate to so many good Samaritans who will find it and deem to move it along. Will it make it to 10,000 miles? Will it end up in some one's desk drawer? Will it "magically" end up in some one's collection? Every time you send a coin out into the world - you're Tempting The Fates.
IconNameFinishMaterial# MintedMintingMintDate
Black NickelBlackNickel??UnknownUnknown