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NameJack of all Cache
GC Series2880
Activation Codeshttp://www.geocoinclub.com/code.php
Artist NameMackey
Total Coins???
Added7/28/2010 8:02:24 AM

Back for a limited time in a very limited quantity to celebrate the launch of The Caching Fool coin, grab it before it's gone.

We all know the King(s) of Caching I'm sure and the reigning Queen in our caching circle is not be outdone by anyone short of the Caching Ace of course so the rest of us often fall into the knave or Jack category ourselves. We're not masters of every situation or even masters of a specific type of cache, but we enjoy getting out there and giving it our all while enjoying the day of fun. We enjoy learning a little about all types of caching and often give it a shot regardless of how challenging just for the experience. We're the Jacks of All Cache and the masters of none, but we give it our all and we have the most fun! Stay tuned for more fun cards in the near future :)

IconNameFinishMaterial# MintedMintingMintDate
AE - Antique SilverAntiqueSilver??UnknownUnknown