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NameEye of the Dragon
GC Series6833
Activation Codes
Artist NameMackey
Total Coins???
Added3/15/2014 7:41:20 AM
DescriptionThe Eye of the Dragon is a symbol of ancient strength, mystery and knowledge from ancient times and still much revered in the modern day for it's connection to the cunning cleverness of these ancient wyrms. What more apt description for the Geocoin and PathTag (R) collecting cachers out there who guard their lovely hordes of glittering precious? They collect and trade their treasures with a deftness and love deserving of the name Dragon! Each Geocoin comes with matching Proxy Coin and Full Color Brochure showing original blueprint art and the full story of the mysterious figure known as Cernunnos!
IconNameFinishMaterial# MintedMintingMintDate
Antique Copper on Shiny Gold (LE)ShinyGold??UnknownUnknown
Antique Nickel on Shiny GoldShinyGold??UnknownUnknown
Antique Gold on Shiny NickelShinyNickel??UnknownUnknown
Antique Bronze on Shiny SilverShinySilver??UnknownUnknown
Antique Gold on Shiny Silver (AE)ShinySilver50UnknownUnknown