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Name4 Musketeers
GC Series1926
MintOak Coins
Activation Codeshttp://www.oakcoins.com/activate
Artist NameAvroair
Total Coins???
Added8/29/2010 11:06:19 PM
DescriptionCovers 5 series:
1926 4musketeers Royalist Geocoin
1927 4musketeers Cardinal Geocoin
1928 4musketeers Cavalier Geocoin
1929 4musketeers Imperialist Geocoin
1930 4musketeers Assassin's Creed Geocoin

Edition data from Avroair

Available April 2nd, 2008:
Royalist blue - antique silver, LE antique gold
Cardinal red - antique silver, LE antique gold
Cavalier green - antique silver, LE antique gold

Available April 26, 2008:
Imperialist purple - antique silver, LE antique gold
Assassin's Creed black - antique silver, LE antique gold

Available September 30, 2008:
Royalist blue - antique copper
Cardinal red - antique copper
Cavalier green - antique copper
Imperialist purple - antique copper
Assassin's Creed black- antique copper

Available October 10th 2008:
Steeler Musketeer, black and shiny gold, non-trackable
Marine Musketeer, aqua, antique silver

December 2008:
Holiday Musketeer, red and green, nickel, non-trackable

August 2009:
British Musketeer (Avroair Edition), red and blue, nickel

November 2009:
German Musketeer red gem, yellow and black antique silver, LE antique gold
Meridian Musketeer, orange and green, shiny gold, LE nickel
Marine Assassin, aqua and black, antique silver
Oregonian Musketeer, yellow and green, black nickel

March 2010:
Mega Musketeer (GCF and GW8)
IconNameFinishMaterial# MintedMintingMintDate
Assassin's Creed (black, antique copper)AntiqueCopper??UnknownUnknown
Block Party 2014 (red and green, gold)ShinyGold??UnknownUnknown
British Musketeer (Avroair Edition) (red and blue, nickel) Nickel??UnknownUnknown
Marine Assassin (aqua and black, antique silver)AntiqueSilver??UnknownUnknown
Royalist (blue, antique silver)AntiqueSilver??UnknownUnknown