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NameRoad's End
GC Series4150
MintOak Coins
Activation Codeshttp://www.oakcoins.com/activate
Artist NameRandom Lunacy Productions
Total Coins???
Added11/11/2010 8:33:30 AM

Both artists are fans of Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber novels, which were the inspiration for Road’s End. One side of the coin features our interpretation of the Great Pattern of Amber, the other a castle at the end of the road representing the city Amber, the home of the Pattern as well as the Unicorn sigil of the ruling house of Amber. For those who know the way all roads end at Amber.

IconNameFinishMaterial# MintedMintingMintDate
Limited EditionAntiqueCopper??Unknown12/22/2010
Mekle Edition - Translucent CastleAntiqueSilver??Unknown12/22/2010
Nepo Kama Edition - Opaque CastleAntiqueSilver??Unknown12/22/2010