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NameCeltic Tree of Life
GC Series2673
MintCoins and Pins
Activation Codeshttp://coincodes.com
Artist NameScavok
Total Coins???
Added7/28/2010 8:02:24 AM
DescriptionCeltic Tree of Life Geocoin. This is a 2" diameter, very heavy coin with intricate details.
IconNameFinishMaterial# MintedMintingMintDate
Antique BronzeAntiqueBronze71UnknownUnknown
"Mystery" Copper/Black invertedShinyCopper125UnknownUnknown
Antique CopperAntiqueCopper59UnknownUnknown
Green in GoldShinyGold??UnknownUnknown
Green on GoldShinyGold223UnknownUnknown
Red in GoldShinyGold??UnknownUnknown
Red on GoldShinyGold134UnknownUnknown
Black NickelBlackNickel61UnknownUnknown
Antique SilverAntiqueSilver57UnknownUnknown
Blue on .925 Shiny SilverShinySilver25UnknownUnknown
Blue on .925 Shiny Silver & BrassShinySilver25UnknownUnknown
Dark Blue on .925 Shiny SilverShinySilver10UnknownUnknown
Green in SilverShinySilver??UnknownUnknown
Green on SilverShinySilver100UnknownUnknown
Green on Silver & Brass Silver70UnknownUnknown
Red in SilverShinySilver??UnknownUnknown
Red on SilverShinySilver96UnknownUnknown
Red on Silver & Brass Silver61UnknownUnknown