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CoinFear No Cache [GCC Dec '08]
Edition NameSpecial Edition
Coin Count??
Mint DateUnknown
Direct Linkhttp://geotrackable.info/RL-DMNPZJ
DescriptionOne of our most ambitious coins ever. Designed by Mr. Chris Mackey, this has been in the pipe for a long time. We finally decided to "go with it" for the December 2008 coin. The result is a full wrap-around 3D coin. When you look at the edge on this coin, you do not see a flat edged - you see the spine which is part of the design from the top down. This coin has an impressive 9mm full thickness to give the spun-cast 3D incredible depth. If you like to hold coins in your hand - you have never felt one like this! Every part of it screams out to be touched. Due to its unique design, the only enamel (blood red) used on the coin fills slightly differently on every coin - creating a truly one of a kind ownership experience for anyone who gets their hands on one. The icing on the cake is that to achieve the detail we wanted, we had to use a very special metal base. This coin is cast in pewter, not zinc alloy or tin lead alloy. A unique design deserves a unique core metal, right? This coin sale is only open to subscribers of the Geocoin Club. Each month, we produce a set of SE coins from the original design. SE coins are minted in quantities of less than 200 and the actual mintage quantity will be published in the following month's newsletter.