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CoinDiscovered Volume I
Edition NameLimited Edition
Coin Count1000
Mint Date6/30/2012
Direct Linkhttp://geotrackable.info/RL-ARKU16
DescriptionFrom the author:

A little about this Volume I...

  • It's Trackable! on Geocaching.com with a custom icon
  • Every Limited Edition is hand signed and numbered (I have the blood blisters to prove it!)
  • Read the real stories behind the designs (for better and worse... this isn't a cute-and-fuzzy-bunny rendition of reality!)
  • Seldom or never-before-seen images of some variations of those coins
  • Shouts outs to the outstanding designs of others who affect my work
  • Commentary from coin legends in our community
  • Coin design lessons called "Design Shorts" to help you with your coin project (or least introduce you to coin designing techniques, hardware and software)
  • Points of interest, trivia and secrets from the designs
  • High Resolution, full offset print, enlarged photos of each design included.
  • Coins from other creators that inspired me then and now. This isn't just all about me
  • It's a piece of history! The first and only Geocoin book in the US Library of Congress!