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CoinColors of Geocaching (Flower of Life)
Edition NameSatin Silver
Coin Count??
Mint DateUnknown
Direct Linkhttp://geotrackable.info/RL-GCQHNQ
DescriptionThe "Flower of Life" showing 19 circles is an extremely strong symbol of oscillation, which creates an absolute harmonic field. It was known in many cultures, so that it can be found not only in Egypt temples, pyramids or holy places, but also in churches in Europe and other places all over the World. The Flower of Life is the pattern of all life and it is as old as human beings. It is told that people wearing that symbol on their body will earn strength and energy. So this Geocoin amulet is forged to give its owner endurance and concentration when seeking a Geocaching and also to protect against naughty muggles.